After weeks of hard work, we have finally launched our token and trading platform on the Polygon Mainnet.

You can now buy our token on Quickswap and trade on our platform with fees smaller than $0.001 per transaction.

🚀 24h recap

  • $8.6m trading volume (leverage included)
  • 317 trades opened
  • $286k of liquidity staked (trading fees pool)
  • 6.891 GFARM2 (≈$1k) rewards distributed (trading fees pool)
  • GFARM2 ranks on page 1 of all tokens listed on Quickswap
  • 11.622 GFARM2 burned forever (trading platform)

📈 Why should I trade on this platform?

  1. Decentralized = funds stay in your wallet (no deposit required).
  2. On-chain trading execution = no trust.
  3. L2 = ≈ $0.001 gas fees

Our decentralized leverage trading platform has officially launched on the Matic testnet! (Mumbai)

Note: The Ethereum testnet we’re using is Goerli and the Polygon testnet is called Mumbai

Full-Scale Testnet Simulation (Goerli-Mumbai)

I wanted to try everything on testnet before deploying anything on mainnet, to make our L2 expansion as smooth and safe as possible.

This is why I reproduced the exact same environment we will have on mainnet:

1. ERC20 Bridge

Hi everyone,

It’s already been almost 2 weeks since the last medium post, so I feel like it’s the right time to make an update to make a summary of the progress!

1. Working version on Mumbai + Audit

(Mumbai is Polygon’s Testnet)

The 2 contracts (Price Aggregator & Trading) are done, fully working, and integrated on the front-end.

They have been tested manually on the Mumbai testnet, and unit tested aswell.

I have sent them to Certik so they can audit them while I’m working on what’s left before the launch.

2. New features!

Hi everyone,

For the last few days, I was exploring our options to migrate the upgraded trading platform to an L2 scaling solution.

I thought it would be impossible to do in the near future or that it would take months, but I was wrong.

I have reached the Polygon team, and they introduced me to an important Chainlink team member.

In its current form, the trading platform is using only one chainlink node to make price feed requests, because each request costs 0.1 LINK ($3 approx), and trading fees have to at least compensate for them.

He made me…

Hi everyone

Here is a quick update of what happened in the last few days, and the progress I’m making on the trading contract!

🔐 Full audit results

I am proud to announce our contracts have been fully audited by Certik!

0 critical/major bugs or vulnerability has been found.

This audit included the following contracts: Token, NFT, Farm, Trading

I will also request an audit for the new NFT exchange & GFARM2 staking pool, as well as for the new trading contract when it will be ready.

✨ NFT Exchange

Our NFT exchange is officially live since a few days

20 NFTs have been put for…

Hi everyone,

In this post, we will see what’s planned for the GFARM2 ecosystem in the short-term!

You will be able to stake GFARM2 and own a part of the NFT exchange, by receiving ETH rewards!

1. NFT Exchange + GFARM2 staking ✨

The contract is ready, it has been unit tested with 100% coverage, and a test deployment to ropsten was made to make sure everything is running smooth.

The front-end has been finished the last few days, so we are ready to deploy anytime!

We will deploy the contract in the next few days.

Both the exchange and the pool will be running immediately after the deployment.

But you won’t be able to unstake from the GFARM2 pool for 1.5 days because I have…

Hi everyone,

Everything began when I received the following answer from Opensea after contacting them to verify the NFTs:

We’ve reviewed the project as a team and decided that in its current state we won’t be able to support trading of the NFTs on OpenSea due to our understanding of existing regulations.

First, I thought this was bad news. But after thinking about it more, it’s giving us the best opportunity to bring even more value into our ecosystem.

The world wasn’t ready for the first DeFi NFTs with a real use case. Let’s build the exchange ourselves!

Congratulations to the first 108 NFT holders! 🎉

💱 Running our own NFT exchange

I have…

Hi everyone,

It’s only been 3 days since the GFARM v2 launch, and we’re already growing fast! Thank’s to the community.

🟣 GFARM2 Token

  1. 4.4k circulating supply
  2. $600k market cap
  3. 269 holders
  4. 22k transfers

The etherscan info and coingecko listing will come in the next few days!

Hi everyone,

📢 We are officially introducing the first GFARM2 weekly trading contest!

This gives us the opportunity to give back to the community while also increasing the trading platform’s usage, which benefits everyone.

The contest begins monday 18th at 0:00 (UTC) and ends friday 22th at 23:59 (UTC)

Already 161 trades opened in the last 24h!

The main part of our ecosystem is the trading platform. Our main goal is now to incentivize users to try it

🤑 How to participate:

  1. When the contest begins, you must have 0 gains left to claim from your last other trades.
  2. You can take as many trades as you want until the end of the contest
  3. You have to claim your gains in a single…


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